Sacred Magic of Abramelin the Mage

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INE intention was in no way to be so prolix in this First Book; but what will not paternal love do? and the importance of the matter permitteth it.

Let each one who will carry out this glorious enterprise rest in peace and surety, because in these Three Books is comprised all that can be necessary for this operation. For I have written it with much care, attention, and exactitude; so that there is no phrase which doth not give thee some instruction or advice. However, I pray such an one for the love of God, Who reigneth and will reign eternally, to commence no operation unless beforehand for the space of Six Months he hath read and re-read this Book with care and attention, considering all points in detail; for I am more than sure that he will

p. 44

not encounter any doubtful matter which he will not be able to solve himself, but further day by day will he assume unto himself a great and ardent desire, pleasure, and will, to undertake this so glorious operation; the which can be effected by any person of any religion soever, 1 provided, however, that during the Six Moons he hath not committed any sin against the Law and Commandments of God.

Now it remaineth unto me, O LAMECH, my son, to show unto thee the marks of my extreme paternal tenderness, by giving thee two principal pieces of advice, by the means of which, and observing all the other particulars which I shall describe, thou (and any person unto whom thou shalt accord this Sacred Science) mayest indubitably arrive at the perfection of this same Wisdom. It is necessary, however, to understand that many have undertaken this operation; and that some have obtained their wish; but that there are others who have not succeeded, and the reason of this hath been because their Good Angel hath not appeared unto them in the day of the Conjuration, their Angel being by its nature Amphiteron, 2 because the Angelic nature differeth to so great an extent from that of men, that no understanding nor science could express or describe it, as regardeth that great purity wherewith they 3 be invested.

I do not wish that thou, LAMECH, my son, and thy successor, and friends, should be deprived of a so great treasure. I in no way wish to abandon thee in so essential a matter. The other point is the Psalm which I will tell thee also; and though thou givest the operation unto another person, although he be a friend, thou shalt in no

p. 45

wise communicate this unto him, because this Psalm is the preservative against all those to whom thou shalt have given the Holy Magic, should they wish to make use of it against thee; and thou shalt be able thyself to make excellent use of it against them. This was granted by the Lord unto DAVID for his own preservation.

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For the first point: the day being come when it is necessary to perform the Orations, Prayers, and Convocations of thy Guardian Angel, thou shalt have a little Child 1 of the age of six, seven, or eight years at the most, who shall be clothed in white, the which child thou shalt have washed from head to foot, and thou shalt place upon his forehead a veil of white silk very fine and transparent, which covereth the forehead even unto the eyes; and upon the veil it is necessary to write beforehand in gold with a brush a certain Sign made and marked in the manner and order as it will be shown in the Third Book; the which doth serve to conciliate and to give grace unto the mortal and human creature to behold the face of the Angel. He who operateth shall do the same thing, but upon a veil of black silk, and shall put it on in the same manner as the Child. After this thou shalt make the Child enter into the Oratory and thou shalt cause him to place the fire and the perfume in the censer, then he shall kneel before the Altar; and he who performeth the operation shall be at the door and prostrate upon the ground, making his Oration, and supplicating his Holy Angel that he will deign to appear and show himself unto this innocent being, 2 giving unto him another Sign if it be necessary in order to see him himself 3 on the two following days.

It is requisite that he who shall operate shall take heed to in no wise regard the Altar, but having his face

p. 46

towards the ground let him continue his Orations, and as soon as the child shall have seen the Angel thou shalt command him to tell thee, and to look upon the Altar and take the lamen or plate of silver which thou shalt have placed there for this purpose, in order to bring it unto thee if it be necessary, and whatever other thing the Holy Angel shall have written thereon, wherewith thou oughtest to work on the two following days. The which being done he will disappear. Which being carefully done, the Child will tell thee (for this, it is necessary to have instructed him beforehand), and thou shalt command him to bring unto thee the little plate, 1 by the which when thou hast received it thou shalt know what the Angel hath ordered thee to do. And thou shalt cause it to be replaced upon the Altar, and thou shalt quit the Oratory, thou shalt close it, and thou shalt in no wise enter therein during the first day, and thou shalt be able to send away the Child. And he who shall perform the Operation shall prepare himself during the rest of the day for the morrow following, to enjoy the admirable presence of the Holy Guardian Angel, in order to obtain the end so earnestly desired, and which shall not fail thee if thou followest the Path which He shall show unto thee. And these two Signs are the Key of the whole Operation. Unto the Glory of the Most Holy Name of God and of His Holy Angels!




44:1 It is noticeable how constantly Abraham the Jew insists upon this point.

44:2 This word in Greek would mean "exhausted in every way," or "hemmed in and hindered on every side."

44:3 I.e., the Angels.

45:1 The following instructions recall some of Cagliostro's methods of magical working.

45:2 I.e., the Child.

45:3 I.e., the Operator.

46:1 I.e., the lamen of silver, previously alluded to.

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