Sacred Magic of Abramelin the Mage

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p. 181


(a) The Symbols of this Chapter arc manifested only by the Angels or by the Guardian Angel.

(b) ORIENS, PAIMON, ARITON, and AMAYMON execute the Operations hereof by means of their Common Ministers.

(c) The Familiar Spirits can hardly be said so much of themselves to be able to execute the Operations of this Chapter, as under the rule of the aforementioned Spirits.

(d) Each person can have four Familiar Spirits and no more: the first working from Sunrise to Midday; the second from Midday till Sunset; the third from Sunset to Midnight; and the fourth from Midnight till Sunrise. Such Spirits may also be loaned to friends, in which case you can avail yourself of another ordinary Spirit in place.

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(e) The Square numbered 1 is not however placed first in Order in the MS., but fifth. It is a Gnomon of 11 Squares taken from a Square of 36 Squares. ANAKIM = Hebrew ONQIM = Giants; the root ONQ also = a necklace or torque. This word "Anakim" hardly appears to have any reference to the form of a lion.--No. 2 is a Gnomon of 11 Squares again, taken from a Square of 36 Squares, and is in the MS. placed sixth in order.--CEPHIR in Hebrew means KPIR a young Lion; and this Square should probably therefore be numbered 1.--No. 3 is a Gnomon of 13 Squares taken from a Square of 49 Squares; and in the MS. occupies the first place in order. OIKETIS, Greek, means a maid-servant or feminine page. This Square therefore should probably be numbered 2.--NO. 4 is a Gnomon of 9 Squares taken from a Square of 25 Squares, PARAS = Hebrew PRSh, a horse, or horseman, while PRS = an ossifrage, a bird of the hawk or eagle kind. This Square is apparently correctly numbered, though in the MS. it is in the second place.--No. 5 is a Gnomon of 9 Squares taken from a Square of 25 Squares. RACAH is apparently from the Hebrew RQH meaning vain, empty; and does not seem to have any particular reference to any of the forms mentioned for the Symbols.--No. 6 is again a Gnomon of 9 Squares, taken from a Square of 25 Squares. It is placed fourth in order in the MS.--CUSIS may be from the dative plural of the Greek word KUON = a dog, but in Hebrew it would mean numbering, computing.--No. 7 is a border of 24 Squares taken from a Square of 49 Squares. PERACHI, perhaps from PRK, Savagery. DB is a Bear in Hebrew.--No. 8 is a Square of 25 Squares. RISIR, perhaps from Latin "RISOR," a mocker or jester. ISERI, perhaps from Hebrew or Chaldaic Root, ISR, to punish or whip. SEKES, perhaps from SChSh = reborn by hope.--No. 9 is again a Square of 25 Squares. NESER = Hebrew, NShR, an Eagle; which seems to shew that this Square should be numbered 5. ELEHE is probably ALHI, Hebrew = My God. SEPES? ShPS = the hair on the lip, the moustache.

p. 182

[paragraph continues] RESEN = RSN Heb., = a bridle, or bit.--No. 10 is a Gnomon of 11 Squares taken from a Square of 36 Squares. PETHEN = Hebrew, PThN, an Asp or venomous Serpent, whence this Square should probably be numbered 11.--No. 11 is a Square of 25 Squares. KALEF, = KLP, Hebrew, a hammer. ARARE from Hebrew ARR to curse, cursed. LAMAL perhaps means "in speaking" from MLL, Hebrew, to speak.--No. 12 is a Gnomon of 9 Squares taken from a Square of 25 Squares. KOBHA = perhaps Hebrew KBH = to extinguish.

Next: The Sixth Chapter. To cause Mines to be pointed out, and to help forward all kinds of work connected therewith


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